BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml – MakeUp World Pakistan
BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml - MakeUp World Pakistan
BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml - MakeUp World Pakistan
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    BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner 150ml


    Nourishing & Hydrating Facial Toner for Oily and Sensitive Skin, Skin Soothing & Purifying

    • Green Tea Line for delicate skin that is oily and sensitive even to minimum irritations.
    • Contains fresh nourishing and hydrating deeply brewed Green Tea from Boseong, the home of Green Tea in Korea.
    • Free of artificial fragrance, coloring, dimethiconesor other harmful ingredients.
    • Skin toner for oily and sensitive skin.
    • Salix Nigra Bark Extract, Punica Granatum Fruit Extract and other ingredients clear impurities leaving skin clean and smooth.

    For Sensitive Skin Type

    For sensitive skin type which is thin and becomes red or irritated easily, experience soothing&cooling on the skin with Deep Green Tea Toner fully filled with green tea extracts. You can feel more moist skin by layering the lotion once more on sensitive and itchy area.


    For Oily Skin Type

    For oily skin type which has greasy skin and produces much sebum, and dislike heavy cream, finish the last step of skin care with Deep Green Tea Toner. Try a pleasant skincare with Deep Green Tea Lotion that moist but refreshingly absorbed into your skin.


    For Dry Skin

    For dehydrated skin type which feels tight from inner to outer skin, use Deep Green Tea Toner to make a moist barrier between every skin texture. In ares where oil and moisture are insufficient, mix 1 or 2 drops of oil with the lotion to make sure lock the moisture tightly inside of the skin!


    For Combination Skin Type

    For combination skin type which has oily skin outside, but dry skin inside, it is important to moisturize the skin several times with a light product. Deep Green Tea Toner fills the skin with the moisture and keeps it refreshed, relieve skin concerns with excessive oil.