CLIO Prism Air Blusher
CLIO Prism Air Blusher
CLIO Prism Air Blusher
CLIO Prism Air Blusher

    CLIO Prism Air Blusher

    Rs.3,499.00 Rs.4,599.00

    Dewy and jelly-like, this blush boasts a formula enriched with ultrafine shimmer for a smooth and fall-out free application, leaving a glowy, watercolor-like effect. 

    Contains a large amount of fine, micro glitter particles Highlighter that fully delivers the bright shimmer of glitter !

    * EFFECT

    • Lights up the skin clearly and transparently like watercolors!
    • Highlighter made with a light texture with no dullness Blush that offers colors that get clearer with more layering.
    • Moisturizing base in a jelly paste prevents the highlighter from flaking and creating lumps Smoothly cover your skin and produce a sparkly complexion.
    • Moisturizing and creamy texture, natural power colors, and a liquid glitter feeling, all in one product.
    • Clean and neat without feeling heavy, even with multiple layering! The delicately shining fine, micro glitters and clear colors are beautiful.

    * HOW TO USE
    Apply by pressing the brush into the sponge and pat the brush onto the face.