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HEIMISH Dailism Eye Palette Coral Essay
HEIMISH Dailism Eye Palette Coral Essay
HEIMISH Dailism Eye Palette Coral Essay
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    HEIMISH Dailism Eye Palette Coral Essay

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    Eight-color eye shadow palette comes in a sleek case with mirror and matching dual-ended brush. Silky formulation creates light yet buildable layers, with coral shades flawlessly mixing and matching with the rest.

    The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette-Coral Essay is perfect for those who love a touch of coral! This palette consists of 8 shades that are universally flattering. It comes with a large mirror and a dual-ended brush that is great for applying and blending. It comes in a sleek package that can easily fit into your bag. The silky, powder formula glides on lids and blends easily, so you can layer and build shadows as desired. Densely-pigment shades stay put and won’t crease, flake or fade.

    Matte shades: Pure Peach, Peach Coral, Nude Coral

    Shimmer shades: Pink Coral, Bronze Coral, Coral Glitter, Pink Glitter, Litch Brown

    How to use: 

    Gently apply a base colour over the lid with a brush. Apply the middle and point colours to create a gradient design that will make your eyes look deeper and more attractive. Using a highlight on the higher areas of your brow bone will lift your eyes.