INNISFREE It's real squeeze mask - Pomegranate 20ml – MakeUp World Pakistan
INNISFREE It's real squeeze mask - Pomegranate - MakeUp World Pakistan
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    INNISFREE It's real squeeze mask - Pomegranate


    A mask with freshly squeezed pomegranates to make the skin firm and radiant while reducing wrinkles


    What it is

    Get firm and radiant skin with the pomegranate It's real squeeze mask! 

    1. It's real squeeze mask - pomegranate 
    Pomegranate, known as the "king's fruit," helps your skin become radiant. 

    2. Jeju green complex 
    The Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to keep your skin healthy. 

    3. Triple-layered sheet 
    With its high water-retention capability, this triple-layered sheet fits tightly over the skin and helps it stay hydrated for an extended period.

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    How to use

    1. After washing your face, gently apply toner on your face to even out your skin texture. 
    2. Then, apply the mask over your entire face, avoiding your eye and lip areas. 
    3. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes and gently pat your face to allow the remaining formula to absorb into your skin.