JAYJUN Rose Blossom Mask – MakeUp World Pakistan
JAYJUN Rose Blossom Mask - MakeUp World Pakistan
JAYJUN Rose Blossom Mask - MakeUp World Pakistan
JAYJUN Rose Blossom Mask - MakeUp World Pakistan
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    JAYJUN Rose Blossom Mask

    Excellent malleability of rose water helps with keeping your skin smooth and bright and the sheet containing camellia oil and the delicate fragrance of rose give you a comfortable and satisfying feeling.

    When life gets hectic, don’t forget to take the time to smell the roses with JayJun Rose Blossom Mask, which uses rose blossom water to refresh and brighten your complexion. Your skin will look instantly more radiant with the vibrancy of a field of roses thanks to the infusion of Rosa centifolia flower water. The Rose Blossom Mask bathes your skin in a calming aromatic serum that nourishes and brightens; sodium hyaluronate, one of the best and gentlest hydrators available, moisturizes dull, thirsty skin and imparts a juicy plump hydration. This exceptional mask also contains betaine, an amino acid that additionally offers superior hydration and gives skin improved moisture retention qualities (and not to mention, temporarily decreases the depth of wrinkles)! This might just be your new go-to going out mask!

    The JayJun Rose Blossom Mask is made of a cupro fabric, which is stretchy yet sturdy. This ensures a great mask fit which leads to better serum absorption for your entire face. Since the JayJun Rose Blossom Mask is so readily absorbed, there’s no sticky after-feel. It’s great to use during the daytime just before applying your makeup and is a great supplemental boost to your nighttime hydration regime!

    How to Use:

    After cleansing and toning, remove the sheet mask from the pouch and apply evenly to the face, avoiding the eyes and lip area. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask and gently pat in any excess essence into skin to promote absorption.