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    SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence 155ml



    Tighten sagging skin Smoothen rough skin

    1. Boosting essence used on first stage of skin care creating bright and transparent skin.
    2. Glowing skin by adding luster and shiny light.
    3. 7 types of skin intensive care with one bottle.
    • 7 types of intensive care at once including moisturizing, skin tone improvement, skin soothing, skin refinement, trouble alleviation, brightening, and nutrition supply!.
  • Undiluted essence containing Galactomyces component, which is yeast ferment filtrate.
  • Those who want various improvement effects with one product
  • Those who want bright and transparent skin from inside
  • Those who want fast and functional effect from first stage of skin care
  • Those who want hypo-allergenic product due to sensitive skin

    What is Galactomyces?

    By finding the hands of an artisan making yeast at brewery were particularly bright and elastic for his age, Galactomyces was discovered as the best yeast for skin among numerous yeasts!

    Manufacturing process of Galactomyces ferment filtrate
    1. Fermented liquor filtered three times.
    2. Sterilization of preservative and exipient.
    3. Blending of preservative and excipient.

    How to Use:

    After cleansing, or after the first stage of skincare process, moisten a cotton pad with essence, and swipe over the entire face, working outward from center of face to the edges. Gently pat skin for better absorption.

    To treat trouble spots, moisten a cotton pad with a generous amount of essence, and leave it on your troubled area for 3 minutes. For pore care, keep essence refrigerated prior to use, and moisten a cotton pad with the cooled essence. Gently pat the desired areas with the cotton pad for minimizing pores.